Sunday, July 17, 2005


Vancouver, BC: the City of 140,000 Trees

If you intend to visit Vancouver, Canada this summer you will be amazed at the number of trees that my hometown boasts. Vancouver, BC is in fact the only one city in the world featuring over 140,000 trees throughout its municipal territory. And this, of course, does not take into account all the shrubs, flowerbeds, aerial flower designs and, most of all, trees and shrubs and bushes located into private properties. Vancouver over the spring and summer is an absolute spectacle to see.
Today I have taken a day off and spent the entire afternoon at the Queen Elisabeth Park, one of the many parks in town and certainly the most famous. The top of this beautifully maintained 52 hectare (130 acre) park is the highest point in the city, at 167m (505 ft) above sea level. From the lookouts, visitors have a 360 degree view of the Vancouver skyline. The park receives nearly 6 million visitors a year who marvel at its superior standard of garden plantings. Here you can see some of the photos I have taken using my Sony DSF 828 digital camera.
Luigi Frascati

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