Thursday, June 15, 2006


This HUD's For You

A complete guide to HUD homes for sale.


There is a brand new complete HUD homes Buyer's Guide out there entitled ‘HUD HOMES FOR SALE', which I have been fortunate enough to be called upon to review. It is in the form of an e-book and authored by Frances Flynn Thorsen, a Real Estate Agent of 22 years and HUD specialist.

This is the best guide covering the topic of HUD I have ever read, by far. And it is also the only one I am aware of written with the best interest of consumers in mind. The e-book consists of 112 pages covering each and every aspect of HUD transactions, from qualifications standards to FHA financing and underwriting guidelines. It is jam-packed with helpful hints and tips on how to select an Agent that specializes in HUD homes, all the way to determining how low should one go with the offer, and still get it accepted.

But perhaps most impressive is the writing style that Frances Flynn Thorsen uses throughout the e-book: succinct and to the point, so that anyone can easily and quickly grasp the concepts at hand. This work is written specifically for those Buyers, whether owner-users or investors, who mean business. Her no-frills approach is refreshingly welcome and useful. Moreover, as the procedures for handling HUD homes constantly evolves, Frances goes the extra step to update changes on a website specifically devoted to this book. So, in essence, one buys not only the comprehensive Guide but also all the future updates as well, as and when they come.

HUD HOMES FOR SALE is a user-friendly Guide also for all those non-American investors who are not particularly fond, for good or bad, of the way the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development handles business. Additionally, as Author Thorsen points out very clearly, any qualified Buyer can purchase HUD homes. This is of great interest particularly for Canadian investors, considering the prolonged slide of the American Dollar vis-à-vis the Loonie, which has made the American real estate landscape look already especially attractive for Canadians.

But irrespective of their origins, with HUD HOMES FOR SALE Buyer's Guide in hand all investors can now get into the HUD homes buying process with no fear of lack of knowledge or competence. More particularly, all those overly-cautious purchasers who make it a point to gather every scrap of information about potential investments - and who miss some great opportunities while trying to decide which ones are the great opportunities along the way - need to worry no more. HUD HOMES FOR SALE is the roadmap to success in HUD investing, laid out right in front of their very own eyes.

And last, but not least, a consideration about the price: at USD $19.95 per e-copy, this is a super investment all and by itself. It will save Buyers several hundreds of dollars in lawyers' consultation fees, and the result is going to be definitely more thorough, focused and to the point.

HUD HOMES FOR SALE can be purchased online by visiting or by e-mailing the Author, Frances Flynn Thorsen, at HUD HOMES FOR SALE is a Guide that I recommend openheartedly. It is an e-book that provides the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and implement an intelligent HUD investment programme. I already have my own copy and for anyone interested in successful HUD investments, HUD HOMES FOR SALE is a Guide that will withstand the test of time.

Feel free to tell Frances that I sent you.

Luigi Frascati

As Featured On Ezine Articles Platinum Author

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