Saturday, January 13, 2007


Why Does The Real Estate Chronicle Cover Also Topics Of A Political And Economic Nature?

A note to all my readers.

I have received in recent times several comments from readers of the Real Estate Chronicle with the common denominator of asking why I at times cover matters not inherently related to the topic that readers would arguably believe ought to be discussed in a blog bearing this name – real estate.

I would suggest to all those readers who believe that sometimes I go ‘all over the board’ that the acquisition and sale of real estate capital assets involves but one of the goods contained in what Economists refer to as the ‘economic basket of goods and services’, that is the pool of goods, commodities and services around which the capital flow of money revolves.

Specifically as it relates to North America, furthermore, the exchange of real ownership titles for money is one of the primary and most important goods contained in the foresaid economic basket - certainly the most important one for the vast majority of us.

As the economies of both Canada and the United States are continuously affected, influenced and manipulated, for good of bad, by the judgment of our politicians – or the lack thereof, rather than concentrating on the typical approach used, abused and misused by other real estate bloggers of letting people know that it is, for example, very important that properties be as clean as possible during showings or that, by way of another example, it makes little sense to sell when the market is in recession, I’d much rather try to offer the overall picture in a more encompassing fashion.

In doing so, I must sometimes discuss topics not immediately pertinent to my profession, but always with the underlying understanding that these topics have an influence, albeit indirectly, on the decision-making process of real estate consumers and, thus, on the overall expansion or recession of the real estate markets here in North America, as the case may be.

The ‘real estate market’ per se is a theoretical visualization that covers the sum of all decisions taken by consumers at any given time and in any given city in North America as they relate to the exchange of real estate capital assets. But it must be borne in mind that these consumers reach their respective decisions of purchasing and selling real estate, as the case may be, by perusing a number of factors – many of them relating to the expectations of future general economic and political performance both on a national and international level.

Thus the extended coverage of this blog.

Thank you for reading the Real Estate Chronicle.

Luigi Frascati

Real Estate Chronicle


Keep up the interesting posts. No matter the subjet, you have great articles.
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